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Valence is pleased to announce the start of its own Real Estate division, where we will provide our clients with captivating designs that exceed the standard expectations in the market to much higher levels & give our clients a chance to experience being a part of world class buildings. We aim to make an impression on our clients that will ensure their satisfaction & catch their interest after the first seconds of seeing any of our projects.

Valence offers you more than just buildings or places to live in, they are offering you the chance to be a part of a complete high-class community built on a solid foundation that is a unique mixture of creativity, quality, comfort and luxury where you’ll be able to find a variety of services and amenities within your reach to facilitate your daily life. The premium quality of our work is what truly sets it apart from the rest, and what makes it the perfect opportunity for an extremely profitable investment.

Residential, commercial or administrative areas, Valence can provide all for you. It’s time to do an upgrade for your business and be amongst the leads in your field. Choose to be in a place that is artistically designed to convey the remarkable modern and elegant touch. We’re offering you an incomparable experience to be within a new community that was designed carefully and specifically to fulfill all your needs.

Valence offers a golden opportunity for investors to rent or buy luxurious places that match the Qatari people’s unique tastes. Our long-time experience that is shown in all our previous projects, gave us the ability to now move further and on a bigger new scale. We start by presenting The Gate Business Complex, which is located a few minutes away from DownTown and provides you with various commercial & administrative areas. The Gate Business Complex areas and spaces are designed perfectly to live up to the Qatari people’s expectations and exceed them.

Qatari projects and investments are made everywhere around the world and we decided that it’s the right time to be a part of that. Step by step, Valence moves towards success and growth and that’s the main reason that made us capable of expanding our projects & work outside Qatar. We present you with Dabouq Dome Mall, our latest projects in Amman, Jordan. Our team worked together to create another breathtaking project, that is designed to leave a lasting impression in Jordan, but to also match its people’s tastes. Dabouq Dome Mall is a complete community designed with the aim to satisfy the needs of whoever visits it with a great experience that he’ll want to repeat. It won’t be the last project for Valence outside Qatar, it’s only the start of the greatness that is yet to come.

The Gate Business Complex x

Valence group has joined forces with Adnan Safarini Consultant to generate a pristine spacious architectural design to secure stellar investment opportunities for its clients. The Gate Business Complex is a new valuable increment to Valence Group Business Portfolio. It’s a blend of community activities & businesses located at a peerless location in the D-ring road.

The Gate Business Complex is a few minutes away from DownTown. Gate Business Complex‘s spot does not only secure extreme visibility for your clients but also accessibility; it covers a spacious area with a huge protracted amount of traffic which originates superb opportunities for potential customers.

The Gate Business Complex brought together commercial and administrative areas in a striking detailed design. We improved the idealistic Business Environment for our Customers through our carefully planned spaces where a variety of amenities, facilities and different types of services exist to suit your business needs, requirements and requests. It’s time to extend outstanding & timeless experiences to your clients to leave a lasting mark and impression on them from the moment they enter your space to the moment they leave.

Some of the major benefits that you can see in The Gate Business Complex are the diversity of spaces that valence provides within it. A variety of commercial & administrative spaces with full amenities that ensures our client’s comfort and satisfaction at all times. The Qatari’s lifestyle is lavish & luxurious whether homes or offices and The Gate Business Complex is a clear representation of that. It provides business owners, investors, and fresh startups with impressive offices that represent them professionally to their clients.


Valence made sure to include everything you might need or look for within reach. All safety guidelines and procedures have been taken care of in The Business Gate Complex, and we secured it against all unexpected situations, so you can easily enjoy comfort knowing that your safety is guaranteed and all your needs are being met.

  • Parking Slots
  • Storage Areas
  • ATM Machines
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Central Ac
  • Landlines
  • Panoramic Elevators
  • Solar Energy
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarms
  • VIP Business Lounge
  • Outdoor Water Features
  • 24/7 Security / Visible Intercom /CCTV
  • HVAC System
  • Operation & Maintenance Company
  • Dine Out Cafes

Dabouq Dome Mall x

The quality of our work is continuously setting us apart among others in the field, and pushing us forward to the lead. Our clients’ trust in us and our competent experienced teams of professional individuals helped Valence to take the step and start adding its own unique mark & signature outside Qatar. What we’re offering the people of Jordan is an outstanding place that gathers all their needs in harmony. Dabouq Dome Mall is the place where you can go out confidently, knowing that everything that will come to your mind will be available there.

An elegant recreational hub that aims to offer world-class shopping, dining & entertainment facilities. It’s a masterfully designed project that induces the modernistic elegant feel of an entertainment & retail service mall and serves the luxurious community with a variety of facilities that fulfill all their needs within reach.

Valence offers you an amazing experience & chance to enjoy some of the well-known brands and indulge in a luxurious lifestyle like no other. With your family or with your friends, Dabouq Dome Mall is the perfect spot to gather and enjoy great times together easily through a high-quality service that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

Dabouq Dome Mall is the only full-edge community mall in Amman with a large outdoor court featuring an exclusive breathtaking landscape. Dabouq Dome Mall is where modern design & elegance meet to showcase a creation that is very valuable and unique in every aspect it has. It’s a trendy sophisticated community mall that aims to provide a remarkable hangout & shopping experience, where you can spend your day without feeling bored or fatigued.