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Iyad Allowh

Chief Executive Offer - Valence Group

IYAD is our highly qualified CEO with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical engineering/communications and electronics. During his long years of experience, he has been involved in many projects and developed a lot of skills through hard working and continuous learning and improving that made him an ideal CEO. IYAD is a firm decision maker who always takes the responsibility to ensure that we’re on the right track to achieve the estimated goals through the vision of Valence, and Maintains awareness of the competitive market landscape, expansion opportunities and industry developments.

IYAD also manages the overall operations and resources of the company, acts as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations and he’s the public face of the company.

Osama Allowh

Chief Finance Officer - Valence Group

Osama holds a Degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Yarmouk, Jordan. His Expertise is Financial Analysis & International Finance. He successfully completed CFA Level I & Level II.

Osama has been in the Finance/Accounting Business for 15 years and continues to thrive and prove himself to be capable of handling all types of Financial and accounting procedures. He is highly qualified in Financial Planning and strategy, Managing profitability, Strategic planning and vision, Quality management, Promotion of process improvement, Forecasting, Corporate finance and Budget development. He has been working with various Financial Institutions which improved his capability to become a very effective Company CFO. His primary mission or goal is to manage the financial actions of a company which primarily means tracking cash flow to avoid losses.

Osama’s long experience in international banks improved his business mindset and became one the most efficient Financial experts.

Ms. Nihad Abo Hilal

Managing Director Oscar Academy

Ms. Nihad is the Managing Director of Oscar Academy. She’s a veteran Director with long years of experience in the educational field, as she’s been involved in the education process in different schools and academies the thing that enhanced her management skills and improved her vision to be the best candidate for this position and she impacted the development of the academy very well. Besides her huge experience, she is one of the efficient directors with an intelligent mindset and professional working ethics.

Ms. Aseel Allowh

Principal of Oscar Academy

As the principal of the academy, Ms. ASEEL oversees day-to-day operations of the academy, manages the economics and the budget of the academy, sets learning goals for students and teachers based on national curricula, and monitors and reports on teacher performance. 

She is a highly motivated person and a great colleague that carries her job duties and ensures everything is in its best in the academy.

Mahmoud Khalifa

Head of Design / Business Development Manager – Valence Group

An Architect with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Faioum University, Egypt with 12+ years of working experience on various well reputed Consultant and construction organizations in Qatar. He has a great proven experience in the designing field, skilled in business development and start-up ventures. Mahmoud is a passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management. With these great Qualities, Mahmoud became a veteran manager who is able to develop the company’s vision and set his own department goals to improve the quality of the services we provide. All of these abilities are crucial for any company to develop its productivity, profits and carve its trademark.

Ahmed Matar

General Manager - Engineering Division (VTCE)

Ahmad is The General Manager of VTCE, he is a qualified construction specialist, he holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, with 29 years of experience in a variety of construction projects.He has been heavily involved in many Projects as a General Manager, Operations Manager & Project Director. His extensive experience in Construction Supervision, QA/QC, Project Management, Leadership and Work Execution has empowered him to  be qualified as a project leader, delivering large-scale, complex projects successfully. 

Since the start of his tenure with VTCE, Ahmad’s bidding skills, budgeting techniques & resource-allocation strategies, have been enabling the business to secure many decent-sized post-contract service tenders.

Khaled Chaya

Operations Manager - Valence Group (Hospitality Division)

As an Operation Manager With 25 years of experience in the hospitality business, Finance, Operations and Logistics along with strong skills in the management of projects, Khaled is determined to employ the most talented and innovative professionals to ensure the highest quality of services and keep up with the ever-changing market trends. 

Khaled’s mission is to establish modern and trendy restaurants with contemporary concepts and exquisite service.

“Our job is to create environments that make people proud. as pride is probably the most potent force in business because it has a fundamental connection to the increase in productivity, decrease in turnover, and uptick in brand advocacy. Most importantly, it creates an atmosphere that colleagues love to work at and  consumers want to be in “.

Mohammed Naji

Executive Chief - Valence Group (Hospitality Division)

Mohamed has 45 years of experience in Europe (Germany) and the Gulf countries (UAE, Oman, Qatar).

For most of his career, he opened and worked in a variety of world class Hotels and restaurants in the Middle Eastern market and in Europe supported by his great work experience, ethics, management and leadership skills, and his ability to work and develop the division he manages. 

As an executive Chef for the Hospitality Division, Mohamed achieved a very remarkable success and added a very positive impact to VTCE with his professional planning and creative efforts that helped us to reinforce our situation in the market. 

He received an award by the Association of the ‘Emirates Culinary Guild’ in 2001.

Mohammed Shaheer Uduman

Commercial Manager (VTCE)

Mohamed is our well-educated Commercial Manager, He finished his Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying & Construction Management at the University of Sheffield Hallam – United Kingdom (2012).

Besides this great educational certifications, he is a Hardworking and highly motivated Quantity Surveyor with experience in Estimation & Post Contract activities. His Expertise is mainly in Interior Fit‐outs from Design & Build to High rise projects for the past 8 years.

Mohamed is experienced in Site Management, Tendering, Estimation and other Fit-Out related works.

Ahmed Marzouk

Head of Maintenance (VTCE)

Ahmed is an experienced Electrical Engineer who holds a degree in B.S. in Electrical Power & Machines from the Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, Egypt.

With 9 years of Construction Experience, Ahmad has proved his leadership and technical skills in his chosen field. He monitors expenses and controls the budget for maintenance, Manage relationships with contractors and service providers, Ensures health and safety policies are complied with requirements. He has a proven experience as maintenance manager or other managerial roles as well.

Abdalla Nour

Projects Director (VTCE)

Experienced Project Director with a proven experience of working in the construction industry. Skilled in MEP, Project Estimation, Construction, and Teamwork. Strong program and project management professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Alexandria university, Egypt.

Abdallah’s wide knowledge and great experience earned him a Grade A engineering degree, his working skills and abilities are more than brilliant and these huge qualifications made him the best projects director for VTCE.

Mohammed Assaad

Fit-Out Project Manager (VTCE)

An educated, innovative, and visionary Project Manager who has enjoyed a progressive and rewarding career within the interior design sector. He’s holding a Diploma in Interior Design from the Lebanese International University, faculty of Arts & Sciences. He is also Experienced in working for international retail companies, creating, and delivering full fit-outs that resonate with brand expectations. Responsible, dynamic, hard-working, and outgoing person, with organizational skills.

Fernando Dela Cruz

Head of Electrical (VTCE)

Fernando is an Electrical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in Supervising teams of different types of projects in Qatar and in the Philippines.

In addition, he is a Certified Electrical Engineer (Grade A) by Qatar General Electric and Water Corporation, Certified Electrical Engineer (1st Category) by Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, Certified Fire Alarm Engineer by Ministry of Interior Civil Defense Department, Certified Registered Electrical Engineer by the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines, and a Certified Performing Authority by Qatar Petroleum in Ras Laffan Industrial City Project.

Syed Mujtaba Ali

Logistics Manager - Valence Group

Syed is a Mechanical Engineer who attained his Engineering Degree from Bangalore University (BU) Karnataka State-India. His specializations are Plumbing & Fire Fighting, Heat Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC).

Syed has been in the Logistics Department for 12 years in this field. He has the necessary capabilities needed for the effective implementation of logistics procedures such as Organizational Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiating Skills, and Problem-solving SkillsHis primary goal is to implement a smooth Budget Management for logistics processes and implement effective strategies and cost reducing tactics.

Syed Aslam

Head of Mechanical (VTCE)

A Mechanical Engineer with 21 Years of experience in the construction industry. Having a very good experience in Execution (about 14 years) & Estimation/Tendering/Procurement (about 7 years) of the mechanical systems like HVAC both Air Side and Chilled water side, Firefighting, Plumbing, Drainage, electrical, emergency and Uninterrupted power supply in Building Construction, Potable, Storm, TSE, Sewer Network Lifting Station related to external infrastructure facilities. 

He is also capable of building excellent project teams based on their knowledge and experience. Currently, 10 to 15 electrical/mechanical engineers of different grades for Execution, Procurement, QA/QC, AutoCAD Draftsmen, and about 250 plus skilled, semi-skilled labor are working under his management and responsibility. Closely working with planning engineers to complete objectives as per the schedule as well as budget Target.

Khurshid Bhat

HR Manager – Valence Group

A competent and organized HR professional having a positive attitude, strong work ethics with much potential & capacities. Constantly lauded for achievements because he is robustly competent to execute managerial duties.He has an MBA in HR & Finance from Bangalore University.Khurshid has been in the Administration Business for the last 10 years and he has mastered Developing and implementation of HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall administration procedures, bridging management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues, and managing the recruitment and selection process. 

He is also responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating  various services, policies, and programs of an organization’s HR department that ranges from evaluating recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes, to overseeing employee benefit programs, to developing a strategic plan for the HR department.