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Dahab Restaurant & Cafe is an International Franchise with 4 branches in GCC.

Dahab is a Lebanese fine dining place located in Sharq Village & Spa, Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Reem Al Bawadi

Reem Al Bawadi Restaurant and Cafe is an International Franchise with 13 branches in GCC.

Reem Al Bawadi is located in Hilton Hotel and Tawar Mall is an award-winning, Middle Eastern-themed restaurant renowned for its authentic cuisine and hospitality.

Considered by many as a home away from home, Reem Al Bawadi’s genuine flavors and unique ambiance has made it an established and well-loved culinary landmark in Qatar. With a menu of popular dishes prepared using age-old family recipes, Reem Al Bawadi offers something for everyone, making it a home for friends, family, and the curious explorer. Try our Private VIP Rooms with a beautiful sea view.

Villa Beirut

Villa Beirut Restaurant & Cafe is located in the InterContinental Hotel.

Villa Beirut will transport you to the heart of Lebanon. With its authentic, signature traditional Lebanese cuisine served alongside specially crafted beverages, whilst taking in the breathtakingly beautiful view of Doha. A fascinating restaurant with alluring and comely Sea view along the west bay of Doha City.

Tche Tche

TCHE TCHE Restaurant & Cafe is an International Franchise with 20 branches in the Middle East.

TCHE TCHE is located in Movenpick Hotel, West Bay and The Avenue Hotel.

TCHE TCHE thrives upon an uncompromising zest for innovation and quality. Embedded in their core is the gracious hospitality of Middle Eastern culture. It is these core values that have made TCHE TCHE so successful and that have accelerated its continued growth in the last decade. And in a way to reduce the work pressure, TCHE TCHE restaurants is located in Al Sadd Area and in the heart of the Towers complex of the West Bay, so you can enjoy a delightful food during your break.


LEMON Restaurant & Cafe is an International Franchise with 7 branches in the Middle East.

LEMON is located in Tawar Mall.

LEMON which is famous for its delicious signature dishes, friendly staff, extensive beverage list  keeps visitors entertained with TV screens featuring live sports tournaments, cards, and board games. The restaurant’s contemporary, comfortable ambiance features with fresh colors, plush seats, and a lush outdoor patio with Dancing Fountain View.

Al Serdal

Al Serdal Restaurant & Cafe which is located in AL SALATA (Ras Abu Abboud).

Al Serdal offers fabulous Arabian food in Qatar, as it presents various kind of Arabic breakfast dishes that meet your desire, and allow you to be entertained during the oriental mood.

 At Al Serdal you are choosing from a selection of hot and cold beverages, a wide variety of mezze, kebabs. Our chefs invite you to experience some of the most famous cookings.

Bait Al Tanoor

Bait Al Tanoor Restaurant is a perfect place for everyone to dine in a relaxing, elegant ambiance.

Jar Al Qamar

Jar Al Qamar Restaurant & Cafe which is located in AL SADD.

Jar Al Qamar is a hidden gem with a spacious area that allows you to enjoy your tasty meals while your children play in a kid’s zone. The cozy ambiance of the restaurant makes it an amazing place for everyone to relax during the day. The vision for establishing Jar Al Qamar is to preserve the cultural identity of the Arabs with inspiration from household inherited recipes.